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    Our Culture

    At Walmart, we call each other “associate”. Every Walmart name badge comes with the sentence “Our People Make the Difference”. We believe that as long as we take care of our associates, customers and members, we can make the difference in every community that Walmart serves. Every day, these stories about our values are being told and practiced by the 2.1 million Walmart associates around the world.

    Our core values -Service to the Customer, Respect for the Individual, Strive for Excellence and Act with Integrity – was established by Walmart’s founder Sam Walton. Each of the values has been the foundation of everything we do at Walmart.

    Service to the Customer
    Customer first: Listen to, anticipate and serve customer wants and needs
    Frontline focused: Support and empower associates to serve customers every day
    Innovative and agile: Be creative, take smart risks and move with speed
    Strive for Excellence
    High performance: Set and achieve aggressive goals
    Accountable: Take ownership, celebrate successes and be responsible for results
    Strategic: Make clear choices, anticipate changing conditions and plan for the future
    Respect for the Individual
    Listen: Be visible and available, collaborate with others and be open to feedback
    Lead by example: Be humble, teach and trust others to do their jobs, give honest and direct feedback
    Inclusive: Seek and embrace differences in people, ideas and experiences
    Act with Integrity
    Honest: Tell the truth, keep your promises and be trustworthy
    Fair: Do right by others, be open and transparent
    Courageous: Speak up, ask for help, make tough calls and say no when appropriate

    At Walmart China, you have the support and autonomy you need to achieve you career goals. Every associate has limitless opportunities and possibilities. Whether they want to be a store manager or merchant, or plan to work in e-commerce, real estate, technology or in cross-functional teams, they are supported by the company every step of the way.

    Walmart Retail Learning Center, China

    As the designer and implementer of Walmart’s omnichannel talent strategy, Walmart Retail Learning Center, China (WRLC) aims to train and nurture future leaders of Chinese retail industry. "Strengthen Talents, Achieve Results" is the foundation of the learning center. WRLC has received numerous awards for its successful talent development and hands-on training.

    Mobile Learning

    “Mobile Learning” is an online learning platform designed for Walmart China associates. Through the experiential design of fragmented learning, diversified methods and gamification in different learning scenarios, it allows associates to learn, apply and adapt agilely in the fast changing market.

    Women in Leadership

     “Walmart China Women & Inclusion Leadership Committee” was established by Walmart China to drive career development for female associates. Currently, 64% of our associates are women, and 50% of managers (at the Supervisor level and above) are women.

    Tech in Retail

    Walmart's innovation enables people to do the best work of their lives. Our technology initiatives and digital training allow associates to have the opportunity to reshape the way how retail is being done and bring omnichannel retail come to life. When you’re part of the world’s biggest retailer, even little ideas have an opportunity to go very, very big.


    We believe that your work isn’t just about a paycheck. It’s a built-in support system. It's about having fun while working, it's about building long-lasting relationships, it's about creating an experience that is fun, memorable and worthy. Working here should make every day feeling smart, good, and appreciated.

    Total Rewards

    Walmart China provides comprehensive benefits to our associates. The total rewards package may vary by different scenarios, it’s including:

    Salary and benefits package
    Supplemented Health insurance
    Health checkup
    Paid vacation
    Associates discount
    Sam's membership
    Great job card gifts
    Associates activities
    Working environment

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