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    Sam Walton founded Walmart to bring quality, affordable products to people. He put the customer first, building a strong company with dedicated associates and deeply rooted values of service to the customer, respect for the individual, striving for excellence and acting with integrity.

    Walmart’s thousands of suppliers source food, apparel, household goods and other merchandise from more than 100 countries or regions around the world. Cascading our values throughout the entire supply chain can have a tremendous impact: our customers get better-quality products, the people who grow, manufacture and sell products for us get the dignity and respect they deserve, and Walmart and our suppliers win and maintain customer trust.

    Walmart cannot do this alone. As a supplier, you have a cooperative relationship with the manufacturers whose products we sell. We expect you and all manufacturers in your supply chain to adhere to the contents and principles of these Supplier Standards. We want to do business with suppliers that engage with us, acknowledge where they are falling short, and own what they do with a sense of urgency and pride. We will do the same in return. Together we make our supply chain more responsible, and lead and inspire others to make theirs more responsible too. We wish to thank you for all you have done for Walmart and our customers.

    ——Message from the President and CEO of Walmart China
  • Apply to be a Walmart Hypermarket Omni Merchandising Supplier
    Walmart is dedicated to be the most trusted retailer in China. Without the support from our suppliers all around the world, we can't do that. We provide quality items and service to our customers through honest communication and close collaboration with our suppliers.
  • Food Safety Requirements for Walmart Omni Merchandising Supplier
    Food merchandise suppliers are evaluated by Walmart’s Food Safety Risk Assessment and must meet all the applicable requirements specified by local food safety laws.
  • Walmart Retail Link
    Retail Link is a bridge connecting between Walmart and our suppliers, through which suppliers can easily get their own merchandise sales report and in-stock data, and use WAPP system to check payment status online.
  • Walmart Partner Collaboration Platform
    This is an integrity platform to provide the multiple function to our supplier to manage items, which includes items management, Promotor, Linksave, cost change management and Pre-agreement, etc.
  • Merchandise Document Approval Evaluation System
    The Merchandise Document Approval Evaluation System provides a convenient platform for our suppliers to interact with the Walmart Product Compliance Document Review (MDA) team.
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