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    Walmart Gift Card
    Introduction to Walmart Gift CardHow to PurchaseHow to UseBalance Query and Gift Card Extension
    Introduction to Walmart Gift Card

    Walmart Gift Card offers you with an essential benefit and marketing solution that can help improve your corporate competitiveness.

    Walmart Gift Card gives you access to customized shopping card services.

    You can use the well-designed card to promote brand awareness and corporate culture, enhance customer loyalty and employees’ sense of belonging!

    We sincerely recommend to you the Walmart Gift Card, which will not only be your ideal choice for social networking, but also your preferred solution for issuing employee benefits and staging marketing promotions.

    Enterprise Customers

    Marketing program, well-designed benefit schemes, customization value demonstration, and ideal choice for brand and culture promotion.

    Individual  Customers

    Top up and buy now, convenient and fast, online and offline shopping experience, and the first choice for festival gift giving.

    How to Purchase

    Multiple payment methods are supported.

    You can buy Walmart Gift Card from Walmart Hypermarket, Sam’s Club, Walmart WeChat official account, Walmart Card Pack WeChat mini program. Enterprise customers may also purchase it through the Walmart enterprise card purchase platform.

    Introduction to the Walmart  enterprise card purchase platform

    Multiple solutions, well-designed benefit schemes, time- and labor-saving, contactless, convenient purchase, and easy distribution.

    The card purchase platform allows you to purchase batches of electronic gift card from your home or in the office, which is time- and labor-saving, convenient and fast. Electronic invoices can be issued for online purchases.

    This platform is suitable for enterprise customers to purchase Walmart Gift Card with a single purchase amount of more than RMB10,000. Please contact our store associates for information on logging on the platform and purchase guidance.

    How to Use
    Rules of Use and Matters for Attention
    • Walmart Gift Card allows holders to purchase things multiple times as long as there is value in it and all transaction details can be queried online at any time.

    • Walmart Gift Card can only be used in the self-operated areas of Walmart hypermarkets, Sam's online shopping platform, Walmart online shopping platform, designated Walmart stores on JD Daojia, and Walmart's official flagship on JD.

    • Walmart Gift Card is not registered, and no reporting of loss will be processed. It can be recharged repeatedly. Online payment passwords are required when some gift cards are used on the Walmart online shopping platform, Sam's online shopping platform and the WeChat attached payment solution. Cardholders are advised to keep their gift cards safe and online payment passwords properly.

    • Walmart Gift Card is valid for three years. If it expires, please call  Walmart hotline at 4000-888-400 or enter the designated page on the Walmart WeChat official account and apply for extension.

    • When shopping with Walmart Gift Card at Sam's Club and on the Sam's online shopping platform, the cardholder must use it along with his or her Sam's membership card.

    • Log in the WeChat mini program "Walmart Card Pack" to connect with the online channel at one click and easily use Walamrt Gift Card in multiple shopping scenarios online and offline at Walmart.

    • Holding and use of Walmart Gift Card is subject to the Articles of Association of Walmart Gift Card.

    • Walmart Gift Card hotline 4000-888-400 (service hours: 09:00-12:00, 12:30-18:00, 18:30-21:00).

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    Balance Query and Gift Card Extension
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