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    Walmart Mini Program

    As an important part of Walmart's Omni-channel retail, it provides, in the form of a WeChat mini program, an O2O purchase channel for customers within 3-5km from a physical Walmart hypermarket. Through Walmart Mini Program, customers can place orders from the mini program on their mobile devices and enjoy 1-hour delivery or next -day delivery services in the whole city.

    Walmart Mini Program aims to provide customers with rich assortments online which are "listing" the 10,000+ high-quality products sold at Walmart stores offline, focusing on fresh food, mother and baby items, cereals, oil, snacks, drinks, personal care items, daily chemicals, home cleaning items and apparel, so as to meet the daily needs of busy families at one stop. At the same time, Walmart Mini Program provides customers with personalized information on special offers and recommended goods, so that they can shop smart and save money.

    All Walmart hypermarket in more than 100 cities across China now provide online services with O2O shopping purchase experience via Walmart Mini Program.

    Walmart JD Flagship Store

    Walmart flagship store was officially launched on JD Mall in May  2017. Based on Chinese customers’ shopping habits, Walmart handpicked over 1,700 items that customers need in their daily lives to bring them available in the Walmart flagship store. The 90-day worry-free return service that’s favored by customers is also available online at Walmart’s flagship store on JD.

    Walmart JD-Daojia

    Walmart announced its investment in New Dada for US$50 million in October 2016, and later increased US$320 million in August 2018. The strategic partnership has allowed the companies to integrate capabilities in retail and O2O logistics, becoming a leader in O2O commerce.

    Walmart is one of largest retailers on the JDDJ platform, covering over 400 Walmart stores with 1-hour home delivery.

    Walmart Global Official Flagship Store

    With the strategic cooperation between Walmart and JD.com, the Walmart Global Official Flagship Store was open on JD.com in October 2016. It serves the growing demand for import products, and offers Chinese customers with authentic import products at affordable prices and high quality.

    It is currently the most comprehensive flagship store on JD’s cross-border e-commerce platform and earns the highest GMV. The platform offers products from over 1,000 brands like KAO, Aptamil, and Bose and covering 25 categories including maternal and infants, digital products, and personal care.

    Walmart Global E-Sourcing

    Walmart Global E-Sourcing provides overseas online store services for China based suppliers and sellers.

    It helps onboard these sellers to Walmart’s overseas platforms such as Walmart.ca and 2Gud.com, and successfully supported opening of over 150 stores in 2019. The business will expand to support more markets including Japan, Mexico, and the United States.

    Services include
    ·Seller Recruitment & Management
    ·Technology Infrastructure
    ·Online Store Operation
    ·Traffics Operations
    ·Cross-Border Warehousing and Logistics
    ·Cross-Border Remittance Solution

    The latest information can be found on the Walmart Global E-Sourcing Official WeChat Account [沃尔玛全球开店].

    Sam's Club E-Commerce
    Sam's Club

    Sam's Club Mobile App provides customers with convenient online shopping services.

    The Sam's Club APP includes services like 1-hour delivery, city-wide ordering, and global purchase.
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    Sam's Club JD Flag Store

    Sam's Club and JD offers a Sam's and JD Plus joint membership to offer greater benefits to members and deliver nationwide through JD Logistics.

    Sam's Club JDDJ 

    Sam's Club Global Flagship on JD offers the import products across a wide range of categories like Cosmetics and Skin Care, Mother and Infants, Food and Beverage, Health Care and Home Appliances.

    Sam's Global

    Sam's Global Flagship Store on JD offers global import products across a wide range of categories like Cosmetics and Skin Care, Mother and Infants, Food and Beverage, Health Care and Home Appliances.

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