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    Walmart China Once Again Certified as a “Great Place to Work”

    Walmart China has once again obtained the "Great Place to Work Certification” from Great Place to Work® Institute. The global leader in accrediting workplace excellence, the certification recognizes companies celebrating high performance, trust and outstanding workplace cultures. Through the five major criteria of "respect”, “camaraderie”, “credibility”, “pride”, and “fairness", Great Place to Work® Institute surveys employees’ responses on their company and team, and generates results based on the comprehensive assessments by overseas experts.


    Christina Xiaojing Zhu, President and CEO of Walmart China, said, "Associates are our most valued asset. Walmart China firmly believes in the concept of 'Happy Associates, Happy Customers'. We strive to take good care of each associate, help them unleash their potential, achieve self-fulfillment, and perceive the significance and happiness of working at Walmart. Only by doing this we can better live out our purpose of ‘helping people save money and live better’. The "Great Place to Work Certification” not only recognizes Walmart's workplace culture and environment, but also helps us better listen to our associates and therefore build a positive, healthy, fair, diverse, and inclusive workplace.”

    After Walmart China was certified as a “Great Place to Work” for the first time in 2022, the associates at the Support Center of Walmart China responded more positively to the survey this year. More than 95% of them participated in the anonymous survey, with the comprehensive score growing substantially from last year, and "camaraderie " and "respect" scores climbing most significantly. More associates "considered Walmart as an ideal workplace", saying that “Walmart is a fun place with mutual support, where colleagues care about each other and collaborate closely.”

    Respect for the individual is one of Walmart's core values. Walmart celebrates an open and inclusive attitude towards associates’ feedback, respecting and appreciating their ideas and suggestions. In addition to regular town halls, Walmart also invites associates to hold direct dialogues with the management through activities including afternoon tea with the CEO, listening tours, and grassroots meetings. Their discussion topics range from business affairs, career development to personal and family matters.

    高管为一线员工颁发点赞卡.jpgChristina Xiaojing Zhu, President and CEO of Walmart China, and Michael Xiaofeng Fang, Chief Operating Officer of Sam's Club, present Great Job Cards to frontline associates.

    Walmart's culture of respect is also embodied in its timely encouragement and affirmation of associates. Whether they work in the front line or in supporting teams, associates who actively live out the core values of the company will receive Walmart’s "Great Job Card". A store cashier may get a handwritten "Great Job Card" from the CEO for his or her act of integrity. A team may also receive a card from their supervisors, commending them for striving for excellence; and associates can also express appreciation by presenting the card to one another. The “Great Job Card” not only forms a bond between associates, but also reflects management's focus on the front line and every great job done.

    In November 2022, Walmart China launched the "Happy Thanksgiving - Gratitude Week" campaign, inviting associates to express their gratitude and acknowledgement of their colleagues. Tens of thousands of Great Job Cards were exchanged among associates, showing the strong team cohesion and camaraderie at Walmart. Walmart China’s management has also presented Thanksgiving gifts to associates, showing appreciation for their contributions.

    点赞卡 图片.jpgRepresenting "timely affirmation and recognition", the Great Job Card is a cultural symbol unique to Walmart.

    Associates’ positive feedback on Walmart China’s unique benefits and professional training and development significantly increased from last year. Walmart is committed to associates’ well-being by providing a comprehensive care package covering physical and psychological health, personal development, and everyday services to tens of thousands of associates and their families across China. This care package seeks to enhance associates' sense of belonging and happiness. In addition, Walmart has built a learning platform "Welearn" for all associates to grow fast, explore their potential and better achieve self-fulfillment.

    Maryann Xiaohong Xu, Chief Human Resources Officer & Interim Chief Financial Officer at Walmart China, said: "Walmart is always focused on the development and cultivation of talents. Centering on Walmart's corporate values, we have established a scientific talent management and development system, hoping to help all our associates accomplish greater career goals and achieve self-fulfillment. Our future depends on our associates. We look forward to more capable and ambitious teammates joining Walmart and the retail industry, so that they can continuously inject vitality and creativity into China's retail industry and jointly build the future of retail."

    Walmart China has officially kickstarted its 2024 campus recruitment. Providing numerous positions in merchandising, technology, supply chain, store operations and other teams, Walmart seeks to attract more dynamic graduates from local and overseas universities who love omni-channel retail to join Walmart's outstanding workplace.

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