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    2023 Walmart China Food Safety Week Kicks Off

    Walmart China's 2023 Food Safety Week themed "Visible Reassurance" officially kicked off on December 11. At the last stop of food delivery to customers and members, Walmart plays a critical role in the entire “farm to fork” food safety process. This final and important stage is where Walmart gives consumers peace of mind to earn their trust.

    During the Food Safety Week, Walmart aimed to promote customers’ and members’ understanding of food safety by organizing and presenting "Food Safety Expert Talks", a food safety education cartoon, store signage and consumer afternoon tea sessions. In addition, Walmart China held training and knowledge contests to strengthen associates' food safety awareness to practice food safety in their daily work.

    Christina Zhu, President and CEO of Walmart China said, "Walmart is dedicated to becoming the most trusted omnichannel retailer in China. For customers and members, food safety is always the priority, and is therefore top of mind for Walmart. Walmart China continues to promote the food safety culture and improve management and food safety operation standards. Such efforts seek to provide safe and high-quality items and services to tens of millions of families, as well as “visible reassurance” to all customers and members.

    Walmart planned to set up educational "Food Safety Expert Talks" in hypermarkets and Sam’s Clubs in Beijing, Chengdu, Dalian, Guangzhou, Kunming, Shanghai and Shenzhen. Experts from universities and third-party professional organizations were to share food safety and nutrition knowledge and innovative technology enhancing food safety; and they would answer questions and clarify misconceptions to help improve consumers’ scientific understanding of food safety.


    An expert is sharing food safety knowledge at the “Food Safety Expert Talk” in Daxing Sam’s Club in Beijing.

    To deepen customers’ and members’ understanding of food safety and nutrition knowledge in an immersive way, Walmart China put up food safety knowledge signage in the Fresh Food area in some stores and clubs in Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen.



    This year, Walmart China created the "Food Safety Challenge" cartoon, using an interesting and easily understood approach to show consumers how a roasted chicken passes through multiple rigorous food safety inspections – from a farm, processing plant, and then transported to a store or club to undergo careful roasting in a clean sales environment – ultimately arriving safely on consumers’ dining table.

    Walmart China also carried out a series of internal events including food safety knowledge contests, and activities like "I Am a Food Safety Supervisor", "Food Safety Treasure Hunt". This campaign intends to continuously reinforce associates’ belief that "food safety is everyone's responsibility" to support and advance Walmart’s food safety actions.

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